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CD and DVD tutorials
* Digital Editor - News, information, tutorials, support and tips
* The CD Information Center
A public service website from The CD-Info Company. Here you will find information about Compact Disc (CD) & Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) in all their forms (physical and data formats), especially how they are manufactured and used for electronic publishing.  We also present links to other websites with more information on these subjects.
* Andy McFadden's CD-Recordable FAQ
* CD Your independent source for CD and DVD (recording) news
This web site is dedicated to the DVD+RW and DVD+R format, and as such it is by far the largest independent- online source for DVD+RW information. It will provide you with lots of product information, technical stuff, downloads,  promotional material, compatibility lists, media overviews and other resources about DVD+RW.
* DVD Demystified - DVD Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) 
* DVDForum - DVD Primer
* /
VCD, SVCD and DVD capturing, converting, editing, authoring and playing help! 
* PC World  - Put It On DVD