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Some Related Links On The Internet

* Web Browser Tests
There are a lot of browsers for the World Wide Web, such as Netscape Navigator, NCSA Mosaic, Lynx, HotJavaand Arena. Unfortunately, not every web browser works in the same way.
* Viewer Test Page
An excellent resource! This page allows you to test your browser to see if you have a helper application installed to handle numerous file types.
* Browser Watch
This site has information about new browser's, servers, cgi's, html editors and any other software related offerings that would be of interest to users and developers of the web
* Real Player and Real JukeBox
Thess are programs that will allow you to listen to audio files and view video clips in real time. You can play the audio files in the background while you do other work on the Internet. This site also contains an index of sites that carry Real JukeBox and RealPlayer, including National Public Radio and a 24-hour classical music station. The file extension for Real Audio files is .ra.
* Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat Exchange is a program that enables web page developers to put desktop-published documents on the Web with the formating intact. The IRS uses it to publish their tax forms. Adobe distributes a free reader, called Adobe Acrobat Reader, that will let you view and print these documents. The file extension for these files is .pdf, which stands for Portable Document Format.