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* Telnet is a way to connect to a remote computer. The most common uses of telnet are connecting to library card catalogs and other large databases; participating in MUDs, MUSHes and MOOs, and other online games and connecting to your own Internet Service Provider, either to change your password to to reach your account when you do not have access to your own computer.

 In order to telnet, you will need to install a telnet program. You can either use it as a stand-alone program, or configure it to work with your World Wide Web browser.  EWAN was recommended as a basic freeware application; Keep in mind that EWAN is an old project, the latest release is from 1995.

* If your browser is configured to call up a telnet helper application, you can link to telnet sites directly from your WWW browser. You can also find telnet sites using a hierarchical index called Hytelnet.
* Every computer you log onto will operate differently. The advantage of HyTelnet is that it gives you specific instructions for every system that you want to use.