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* High Five: Tips for Webmasters By Susan Ives
* Improve Your Title Tag/Theme-Based Spiders Internet Marketing  By Steve Wilson
* Windows Tips & Tricks Internet / Web  By Bill Beverly


Some Related Links On The Internet

How-to HTML
HTML Coding Techniques
Web Page Design
Web Design Magazines
Places to Download Backgrounds and Graphics
Places to Advertise your Web Site
Software and Utilities


How-to HTML

* Mike Bianchi's HTML Notes
The companion site to the Alamo PC HTML course
* HTML Tutorials For The Complete Idiot
* Index of HTML Tags
* The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
* Web Communications - Publishing on the Web
* HTML Tutorials
Free HTML,XHTML,CSS,JavaScript,DHTML,XML,DOM,XSLT,ASP,ADO,SQL tutorial and web building primer from W3Schools.
* Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi
* Composing Good HTML
* HTML Jump Station


HTML Coding Techniques

* The Netscape Frames Tutorial (Sharky's)
* Network Computing
CMPnet Tech Utilities - A TechEncyclopedia of computer/technical terms, a shareware database, stock quotes, and TechCalendar. Plus code to embed them in your web pages.


Web Page Design Sites

* Art and the Zen of Web Sites
* Index DOT Html is a complete reference to HTML: The elements, the history, and the browsers.
* Advanced HTML For Beginners is much more than a great resource for HTML tutorials, we also have a very large selection of webmaster tools, PHP scripts, webmaster bookstore and a handpicked web hosting section.
* The Web Diner
* HTML An Interactive Tutorial For Beginners
* Netscape's Color Cube Revealed
Mandatory reading if you want to understand color on the WWW!
* Style Guide for Online Hypertext


Web Design Magazines

* Web Monkey
HotWired's Web designer magazine
* Web Developer's Journal
* @WWWiz Magazine
* WebReference Virtual Library


Places to download backgrounds, graphics and fonts

* Where to Find Web Page Gizmos - Dummies::Putting Gizmos in Your Web Pages and Auctions Adapted From: Developing eBay Business Tools For Dummies
* Image Paradise - includes links to other sites
* Web Design Studio
* HuntFor Free Web Graphics - Backgrounds
* Barry's Clip Art Server
* Fonts Face
* Acid Fonts
* Graphic Station - Everything you will need for your Web Page. Over 4000+ Free Graphics
* Internet Clocks, Counters, and Countdowns (links)
Links to Clocks (Doomsday, National Debt, Population, Sun, Countdown, Current-Time...), Counters, Trackers, Code (Clock,Counter, Countdown), Meta-Clock, etc.


Places to advertise your own web page

* Search Engine Watch
* Web Marketing Info Center, Nearly 14000 Annotated Links
* - webmaster resources portal with large searchable directory
* Link Market - Link Exchange, Link Swap, and Link Trade Directory - Free service
* Link Exchange - Free link exchange that helps webmasters find link partners
* WebRing
* Submit It!
* A1 Index of 303 Free WWW Promotion & Search Sites


HTML software, utilities and shortcuts

* HTML Editing Software
  • ColdFusion - How To  Provides an email-based forum in which members can read and post anything about ColdFusion and related topics. Common information includes tutorials, tips, problems, and what's new
  • Microsoft Assistants Microsoft offers a complete line of free add-on programs to automatically convert Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint documents into HTML
  • * Image Editing Software
  • JASC: Paint Shop Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop Tips and Tricks More than 200 shareware plugin filters for PhotoShop and other compatible programs
  • GIF Construction Kit A shareware program to help you make GIF 89a animation's
  • Map Edit  A shareware program for making image maps
  • * Scripts and CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
  • eXtropia
  • Dream Catcher's Web CGI Script Library
  • Matt's CGI Script Archive
  • FreeCode software archive!
    also contains java scripts and some shareware utilities.
  • Danny G's Java Script Pages By the author of Danny Goodman's JavaScript Handbook
  • * HTML Verification Services
  • W3C HTML Validation Service
  • Web Lizt
  • Accessibility Access Service WebXACT is a free online service that lets you test single pages of web content for quality, accessibility, and privacy issues.
  • * Miscellaneous
  • The Frame Shop Online utility that helps you generate a web site using frames. This page displays the RGB codes that you can use for colored text
  • Netscape Color Tables
  • NetworkSolutions - Internet WHOIS search
  • Directory of Internet WhoIs Servers