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* FTP stands for the File Transfer Protocol. It is the way we download files from a remote computer to our own hard drive or upload files from our computer to a remote one.

By far, the easiest way to download files is to use your World Wide Web browser. If you point to a file (such as a compressed file with a .zip extension) Netscape will not know what to do, so a dialog box will pop up asking you for instructions. You should select the Save to Disk option, which will transfer the file to your hard drive. You will have the opportunity to select the directory where the file will be placed. We recommend creating a special directory called download and placing all dowloaded files here. Not only does this ensure that you will always be able to find the files that you download but it also serves as a reminder to virus check downloaded programs before you run them.

Because the Internet handles files from many different operating systems, you will be confronted with file types that you have not used before. Here is a World Wide Web site that will help you cope with different file types:

* Common Internet File Formats
This is an excellent chart that explains how to handle different file formats that you will encounter on the Internet. It contains links to the software you will need to uncompress files.
* If you are interested in downloading programs, we have a section on our Web site that will point you to some places that carry programs that you can download.