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Helpful Hints:
Study Groups:  Study Groups, formerly called Special Interest Groups or SIG's, are informal "mini-clubs" of Alamo PC members with similar interests who get together to share tips, tricks, and problems. As a general rule Study Groups are free to members, some may request that you purchase study guides or other materials.

Classes: Classes are more formal learning experiences that follow a syllabus  Some classes are free to members; others charge a tuition or registration fee. All classes require membership in Alamo PC.  Check the course descriptions for prerequisites.

Clinics: Clinics are opportunities to obtain hands-on help with general computer problems

Study Groups, Classes, and Clinics are held at: 
various locations, see the class description for the location and contact phone number or email address.

If you are one of the Apconians who would like to have a Study Group, Class, or Clinic created to meet your particular interest, contact the Director of Education subject NEW STUDY GROUP OR CLASS. or call the Computer Learning Center at (210) 736-0700 to add your name and class to the Wish List

Alamo PC Organization Center Telephone number:
Main line: (210) 736 - 0700

In the sections listing descriptions of the Events, Study Groups, Classes, or Clinics

The Event, Study Group, Class, or Clinic leader's name is in blue or underlined (a "live link"): You can click on the name and you will be able to send an e-mail to that person. The Study Group, Class, and Clinic Leader contact information is also listed in every issue of the PC Alamode magazine.  Messages for the Study Group, Class, and Clinic Leaders can be left on the Alamo PC voice mail system, (210) 736-0700.

The name of the Event, Study Group, Class, or Clinic is blue or underlined: You can click on the Event, Study Group, Class, or Clinic name and go to the Home Page of the company that makes that product or to a specific site set up for the Study Group or Class.

Technical Content Ratings:

*For the beginner, no experience necessary and no prerequisites.
**Assumes some basic familiarity with the subject but is not a technical course.
***Assumes that the student is somewhat familiar with the subject and will discuss.
****Assumes that the student is competent in the material and will be technical.

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