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What: Develop your skills at your own pace and at a time that fits your schedule.   
Introductory private tutorials for one, two, or three students.

Choose from:
Basic Computer Skills such as using the Windows Operating System or Basic Internet and Email

When: Days and hours are arranged between the student(s) and teacher(s)

Where: At the student's location

Prerequisites: Pre-registration required.
Call (210) 736 - 0700 or send a note to the Director of Education.

Tuition fee:  1 student: $35 per hour, 10 hours for $300.
2 or 3 students: per student-$20 per hour, 10 hours for $150

Technical Rating Code:   *
Technical Content Ratings:
* For the beginner, no experience necessary and no prerequisites.
** Assumes some basic familiarity with the subject but is not a technical course.
*** Assumes that the student is somewhat familiar with the subject and will discuss.
**** Assumes that the student is competent in the material and will be technical.

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