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At the end of March 2001, Alamo PC moved into Crossroads Mall.

*   Directions To The Alamo PC Organization Computer Learning Center
* Alamo PC's Business Office
* The Computer Labs And The Classroom
* Video and Technical Reference Library
* The Wall Of Fame
* The Freebie Table
* A Last Word

Directions To The Alamo PC Organization

Computer Learning Center

Resource Center Map

The Alamo PC Organization Computer Learning Center is located within Crossroads Mall, at IH 10 and Loop 410, in San Antonio, Texas.
The Computer Learning Center is located in the corridor on the lower level of Crossroads mall across the hall from the Convention Center. (The Convention Center is located underneath Hobby Lobby)
It is most convenient to park your car in the lower level of the parking deck located on the Fredericksburg Road side. There is an entrance to the parking deck off of Fredericksburg Road.  There is a mall entrance from the lower deck leading you directly into the lower level, through an entrance hall with glass brick walls on the sides. As you enter into the mall from the entrance hall you will see the Alamo PC Computer Learning Center on your left, the Convention Center on your right. You may alo wish to park on the side under the Burlington Coat Factory store. Enter into the lower level of the Mall (not into the lower section of Burlington's) and walk stright ahead past the main mall corridor and the stairs. Alamo PC Computer Learning Center will be a little further down the hall, on your right

There is VIA Bus Service to the mall and to the nearby Crossroads Park and Ride.

Alamo PC's Business Office

Resource Center Business Office

Alamo PC's Business Office is run by a staff of hard working, dedicated, friendly volunteers. The staff helps to keep visitors and members up to date on Alamo PC classes, events, and daily business operations.

Computer Learning Center Business Office Hours:
* MONDAY: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
* TUESDAY: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
* WEDNESDAY: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
* THURSDAY: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
* FRIDAY: 9:00 am - 5 pm
* SATURDAY: 8:30 am - 5 pm
These hours are subject to change without notice

The Computer Learning Center is staffed by Alamo PC volunteers and is therefore not open all the time.  We recommend that you call before you stop by to make sure there is someone available to help you.
The Computer Learning Center phone number is (210) 736 - 0700
For Study Group, Class, or Clinic Registration call (210) 736 - 0080

The Computer Learning Center is open many evenings for Events, Study Group, Class, or Clinic  Meetings.  Although you are welcome to stop by, be aware that the Instructors will be busy leading their groups and may not be able or willing to disrupt a class to greet drop-in visitors.

We are always looking for more volunteers.  If you would like to help run our Computer Learning Center, contact the manager.


How can I or my business help Alamo PC?

There are volunteer opportunities for members, for all levels of computer expertise and all levels of commitment.  As a 501(c)(3) IRS-qualified corporation, donations to Alamo PC are tax exempt.

Alamo PC is in need of:
* Cash awards or discounts to pay for items not available through donations.
* Donations of state-of-the-art computers and networking material to complete the hands-on labs.
* A Pentium-based laptop computer. to use for community outreach.
* A computer projection system, to be used for SIG's, classes, presentations, and outreach.
* Software, licensed for 35 computers, to be used in the hands-on labs. 
* Furniture and office supplies.
* Professional services and assistance.


The Computer Labs and the Classroom

The Computer Learning Center houses two state of the art computer labs used for hands-on education
We also have a classroom / demonstration area available for lecture classes and special demonstrations.
* Information About Events, Study Groups, Classes, Clinics
* Calendar of Events
* Information About The Monthly Meeting


Video and Technical Reference Library

Video and Technical Reference Library



    Thanks to the generous donations of our members, Alamo PC has a small but steadily growing technical reference lending library.  Books on programming, software applications, even computer related mystery novels are available to be borrowed by our members.


    A small selection of donated videos related to software programs are available for viewing at the Computer Learning Center.  Please ask the staff for a list of the available videos.

PC Alamode Archives:

    The archived collection of the PC Alamode Magazine from it's days as a four page newsletter to the current award winning monthly editions.
    Copies of the archived magazines are available to be read at the Computer Learning Center.


    We keep a small selection of pamphlets and publications on hand for members and visitors to pick up. These are publications provided by various national and local vendors, user groups, and member businesses.  Alamo PC management reserves the right to remove any publications placed in the Computer Learning Center.

If you have books, videos, items or funds to donate to the library, please contact the Computer Learning Center Manager for donation procedures.


The Wall of Fame


Okay, we've got to brag - well, just a little! We're proud of the awards received by:

The PC Alamode Magazine, through the hard work and dedication of the editors and staff.

The Alamo PC Web Site

Plaques also commemorate some very dedicated volunteers who have been honored as
The Volunteer of The Month and The Member of the Year.


The Freebie Table

From time to time, we receive special limited offers or donated software we make available to those visiting the Computer Learning Center. These items can be found on the freebie table. When available, back issues of the PC Alamode Magazine may also be found here. All items are available on a first come, first served basis with no guarantees on any donated items.


A Last Word

Alamo PC is fortunate to have a nice Computer Learning Center located in a popular location within Crossroads Mall. Visitors from the Mall constantly drop in and at times we may have as many as six Study Groups or Classes meeting in one day.  Alamo PC members and volunteers are largely responsible for keeping the Computer Learning Center clean. We have allowed food and drink during events at the Computer Learning Center, knowing that many members and instructors come straight from work in the evenings with no time in-between for dinner.  However, there is no one in the club who wants to clean up a mess left by an inconsiderate person.  Trash left behind has not only included food and drink containers but wadded up papers thrown on the floor, or left on the desks.  It is also irritating to come in and find bits of paper left all over from someone tearing sheets out of a wire binder.  There are paper towels in the rest room to clean up wet messes.  There are also trash receptacles in the room as well as in the mall corridors.  The mall receptacles are the ideal place to throw away food trash.  If you happen to make a mess, be sure you clean up before you leave. It would be a shame to have to say no food or drink. Please be considerate of the next person.
Thank you,
The Computer Learning Center Manager

Photos by Ralph Cherry, Cary Hall, Mike Bianchi