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The Paul L Weber

Excellence In Writing Award

Paul Weber exemplified Alamo PC's finest. Paul was an integral part of the glue and substance of Alamo PC in it's early years. Part of his charm and contribution to Alamo PC was his keen sense of humor. Although Paul was a very serious and conscientious man, he was very jovial, always able to see the humor in any situation. 

Paul was the second editor of the PC Alamode, from February 1985 to August 1990. He took the Alamode from it's infancy of two, folded sheets of paper to an award winning monthly publication of over 20 pages.  A recipient of the first official Mike Powers Award, his dedication, hard work and professionalism set the standard for our next two editors, Cynthia Thompson and Clarke Bird. 

Paul holds an important place in the history of the Alamo PC Organization, and in the hearts of many.  In his honor, the Alamo PC Organization has established the Paul L Weber Excellence In Writing Award, to be given annually to an outstanding contributor to the magazine that he so expertly edited for many years, the PC Alamode.

Adapted from The President's Report 
By Tim Hoke 
July 1999 PC Alamode

Alamo PC Organization, Inc. Presents

The Paul L Weber Excellence In Writing Award


Presented to:


Clarke Bird


Susan Ives